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Meet Me. Montai

I am Arindam Chakravarty, but most people call me Montai. I am an amateur Portrait & Travel photographer, based in The Hague, Netherlands now. Photography is my passion - Faces & Places are my refuge. Combine these & that is where I am at peace.

I was born & brought up in Kolkata, India and have stayed and worked across India, Middle East, South East Asia and Europe. I love travelling and discovering new countries, faces and cultures. I have travelled more than 40 countries and dreaming for more.

Though Portrait photography is the closest to my heart, but still the Nature, Streets, Landscapes and Nudes lure me. 

My photography style is a bit unique... I mix up with my subjects or locations so that I eventually become a part of it and not a photographer. I try understanding, WHY do I like a particular face, or a scene (maybe because of the lighting or the geometry or anything else), then I try to express and convey the aesthetic through the technicalities of the camera / lenses & angles.

I am an international business development executive by profession, and Nikon cameras / lenses & a quick cup of Darjeeling tea keeps me alive.


Please feel free to catch up.


Email :

Phone : +31619380990

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